KSI vs Logan Paul 2

KSI vs Logan Paul 2 : How to watch the boxing, from anywhere in the world.. Unbeaten London cruiserweight Riley, with a phenomenal social media profile of his own, has recently signed for Mayweather Promotions and is the trainer of KSI, but can he mastermind a spectacular win… KSI vs Logan Paul 2 rules: How many rounds are they fighting, which gloves will they wear, what happens if it’s a draw.

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so don’t miss out! Do bear in mind that viewers in the UK will have to tune in at 4am GMT first thing on Sunday 10th November to catch the main event.

Firstly, just tell us a bit about how you and KSI came to be working together?

I used to train other YouTubers within the same community and ended up getting introduced to KSI when he was having a boxing match. I trained him from there and have done for about two years now.

Our relationship has been very good thus far. We both benefit off each other in very different ways, we’re from very different backgrounds as well, but we have a mutual understanding and both want to be successful.

Where do you train?

We train at the West Ham boxing club in East London which is where I boxed as an amateur. It’s a club I hold very close to me, it’s an honour bringing him down to train in the facility where I did.

What I don’t respect is when he is coming to my field, this is my market, and he’s telling me I’m a nobody, I’m gonna give it back.

Watch KSI vs Logan Paul 2 on Saturday, live on Sky Sports Box Office, from midnight. Book it via your Sky remote or book it online here. Even if you aren’t a Sky TV subscriber you can book and watch it here.

The highly anticipated YouTuber fight between KSI and Logan Paul has provoked a mixed reaction in boxing circles.

Not everybody is happy about the two internet celebrities headlining on Saturday night at the Staples Center, however some have spoken out in support of the event.

Scroll down to see what the world’s top heavyweights have had to say about KSI vs Logan Paul.

Anthony Joshua
Joshua told reporters: “I think it’s sick because you could’ve promoted it from a point of view that’s non-boxing, but getting their licences, no headguards.

“What people have to realise is you have to put all eyes on boxing for us all to thrive.

“KSI and Logan Paul have got a bigger following than me and most of the heavyweights combined.

“So all those eyes are gonna now watch me and my competitors and watch the sport of boxing and it’s gonna rise.

“I always say I’m for it, so good luck to them both.

“I hope they take it serious because they could earn some respect here.

“People look at them like a joke now and they doubt them, but if they take it serious and put on a good performance people might say, ‘Hang on a minute, this weren’t such a bad idea.’”

Anthony Joshua is the former WBA, IBF & WBO heavyweight champion

Anthony Joshua is the former WBA, IBF & WBO heavyweight champion
Deontay Wilder
Wilder told KSI’s trainer Viddal Riley: “I didn’t even see the [first] fight. I can’t really give a strong assessment of it.

“But I did hear about it though.

“It was fascinating to see them promote it and get a lot of fans behind it and stuff like that, I thought that was very impressive.”

How many rounds are they fighting?
THIS fight will count on the pro record of both men, who are each making their debut.

The first bout featured the fighters wearing headguards, but they will be discarded with the bout a fully professional affair.

Just as in the first encounter though, the two men will box over six three-minute rounds.

What gloves are they wearing?
IN their first fight, both competitors agreed to use 12oz gloves.

These are the size most often used for amateur boxing fights between the middleweight and heavyweight divisions.

Now that the headguards are gone, 10oz gloves will be used in the rematch which is being fought at cruiser (200lbs).

These lighter mitts allow for faster hands and have less padding – so both KSI and Logan will feel the force of those punches more than they did a year ago.

KSI and Logan Paul’s last meme-fueled bout ended in a majority draw. This time around, they’ve ditched ‘amateur’ status and gone professional – which means no head guards and hefty 10oz boxing gloves. As Eddie Hearn, the fight’s promoter, put it: “Someone is getting knocked out!”

There’s already been plenty of hype and the usual argy-bargy. Last month, Logan Paul mocked KSI for having a small penis by bringing on a pack of condoms he claimed were sized for “little peckers”. He also threatened to give his opponent a “wet willy on his belly button”.

More recently, a bizarre question about maths saw Logan Paul’s trainer, Shannon Briggs, threatened to break the jaw of rival trainer Viddal Riley.

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